Recipients of the Victoria Cross Prior to 1914, R-Z

The names show the recipient's rank when the award was granted and subsequent rank achieved up to 1906 in parenthesis ( ). Recipients alive in 1906 have an asterix * after their name. Regimental names are those in use when the V.C. was granted, and the date listed is when the act of bravery was performed. No Victoria Crosses were awarded from 1905 until the First World War in 1914.

Name Regiment Campaign Date
Raby, Lieut. (Rear Admiral) H.J.* Royal Navy Crimea 1855
Ramage, Sergeant H. 2nd Dragoons Crimea 1854
Ramsden, Trooper (Lieut.) H.E.* Protectorate Reg. South Africa 1899
Ravenhill, Private G.* Royal Scots Fusiliers South Africa 1899
Raynor, Captain W. Indian Army Indian Mutiny 1857
Reade, Surg. (late Surg.-Gen.) H.T. 61st Reg. Indian Mutiny 1857
Reed, Capt. (Major) H.L.* Royal Fieeld Artillery South Africa 1899
Reeves, Seaman T. Royal Navy Crimea 1854
Rennie, Lieut. (late Lt. Col.) W. 90th Reg. Indian Mutiny 1857
Renny, Lieut. (late Maj. Gen.) G.A. Bengal Horse Artillery Indian Mutiny 1857
Reynolds, Surg.-Major (Brig.-Surg.-Lt. Col.) J.H.* Royal Army Med. Corps Zululand 1879
Reynolds, Private W. Scots Fusilier Guards Crimea 1854
Richardson, Sergt. A.H.L.* Strathcona's Corps South Africa 1900
Richardson, Private G.* 34th Reg. Indian Mutiny 1859
Rickard, Qtr.-Mast. W. Royal Navy Crimea 1855
Robarts, Chief Gunner J. Royal Navy Crimea 1855
Roberts, Lieut. F.S. (Field Marshal Lord)* Bengal Artillery Indian Mutiny 1858
Roberts, Lieut. Hon. F.H.S. King's Royal Rifle Corps South Africa 1899
Roberts, Private J.R. 9th Lancers Indian Mutiny 1857
Robertson, Sergt.-Major (Lieut.) W.* Gordon Highlanders South Africa 1899
Robinson, Seaman E. Royal Navy Indian Mutiny 1858
Roddy, Ensign (Col.) P. Indian Army Indian Mutiny 1858
Rodgers, Private G. 71st Reg. Indian Mutiny 1858
Rogers, Sergt. J*. South African Constabulary South Africa 1901
Rogers, Lieut. (late Maj. Gen.) R.M. 44th Reg. China 1860
Rolland, Capt. G.M.* Indian Army Somaliland 1903
Rosamond, Sergt.-Maj. M. Indian army Indian Mutiny 1857
Ross, Corporal J. Royal Engineers Crimea 1855
Rowlands, Capt. (Gen. Sir) H. 41st Reg. Crimea 1854
Rushe, Sergt.-Major D. 9th Lancers Indian Mutiny 1858
Russell, Captain (late Lt. Col.) Sir C. Grenadier Guards Crimea 1854
Ryan, Private J. 102nd Reg. Indian Mutiny 1857
Ryan, Lance-Corp. J. 65th Reg. New Zealand 1863
Ryan, Drummer M. 101st Reg. Indian Mutiny 1857
Salkeld, Lieut. P. Bengal Engineers Indian Mutiny 1857
Salmon, Lieut. (Admiral of the Fleet Sir) Nowell* Royal Navy Indian Mutiny 1857
Sartorius, Capt. (Maj. Gen.) E.H.* 59th Reg. Afghanistan 1879
Sartorius, Capt. (Maj. Gen.) R.W.* Indian Army Ashanti 1874
Schiess, Corporal F.C. Natal Native Forces Zululand 1879
Schofield, Capt. (Major) H.N.* Royal Field Artillery South Africa 1899
Scholefield, Seaman M. Royal Navy Crimea 1854
Scott, Captain (late Maj.) A. Indian Army Quetta 1877
Scott, Private R.* Manchester Reg. South Africa 1900
Scott, Sergt. (Lt. Col.) R.G.* Cape Mounted Rifles Basutoland 1879
Seeley, Seaman W.* Royal Navy Japan 1864
Sellar, Lance-Corp. (late Sergt.) G. 72nd Highlanders Afghanistan 1879
Shaul, Corp. (Sergt.) J.D.F.* Highland Light Inf. South Africa 1899
Shaw, Capt. (late Maj. Gen.) H. 18th Reg. New Zealand 1865
Shaw, Sapper S. Rifle Brigade Indian Mutiny 1858
Shebbeare, Capt. R.H. Indian Army Indian Mutiny 1857
Sheppard, Boatswain J. Royal Navy Crimea 1855
Shields, Corporal R. 23rd Reg. Crimea 1855
Simpson, Qtr.-Mast. Sergt. (late Major) J. 42nd Highlanders Indian Mutiny 1858
Sims, Private J.J. 34th Reg. Crimea 1855
Sinnott, L.-Corp. J. 84th Reg. Indian Mutiny 1857
Sleavon, Corporal M. Royal Engineers Indian Mutiny 1858
Smith, Gunner A.* Royal Artillery Soudan 1855
Smith, Lieut. C.L.* Duke of Cornwall's Lt. Inf. Somaliland 1904
Smith, Captain (Col.) F.A. 43rd Reg. New Zealand 1864
Smith, Lance-Corp. H. 52nd Reg. Indian Mutiny 1857
Smith, Corporal J. The Buffs N.W.F. India 1897
Smith, Sergeant J. Bengal Engineers Indian Mutiny 1857
Smith, Private J. 102nd Reg. Indian Mutiny 1857
Smith, Lieut. (Major) J.M.* Indian Army Hunza-Nagar 1891
Smith, Corporal P.* 17th Reg. Crimea 1855
Smyth, Captain (Major) N.M.* 2nd Dragoon Guards Khartoum 1898
Spence, Troop-Sergt. Major D. 9th Lancers Indian Mutiny 1858
Spence, Private E. 42 Highlanders Indian Mutiny 1858
Stagpoole, Drummer D.* 57th Reg. New Zealand 1863
Stanlack, Private (Sergt.) W.* Coldstream Guards Crimea 1854
Stewart, Captain (late Major Sir) W.G.D. 93rd Highlanders Indian Mutiny 1857
Strong, Private G. Coldstream Guards Crimea 1855
Sullivan, Boatswain's Mate J. Royal Navy Crimes 1855
Sutton, Bugler W. 60th Reg. Indian Mutiny 1857
Sylvester, Asst.-Surgeon W.H.T.* 23rd Reg. Crimea 1855
Symons, Sergeant G. Royal Artillery Crimea 1855
Taylor, Capt. of the Forecastle J. Royal Navy Crimea 1855
Teesdale, Lieut. (late Maj. Gen. Sir) C.C. Royal Artillery Crimea 1855
Temple, Asst.-Surg. (Lt. Col.) W.* Royal Artillery New Zealand 1863
Thackery, Lieut. (Col. Sir) E.T.* Bengal Engineers Indian Mutiny 1857
Thomas, Bombadier J. Bengal Artillery Indian Mutiny 1857
Thompson, Lance-Corp. A. 42nd Highlanders Indian Mutiny 1858
Thompson, Private J. 60th Reg. Indian Mutiny 1857
Tombs, Major (late Maj. Gen. Sir) H. Bengal Artillery Indian Mutiny 1857
Towse, Captain E.B.B.* Gordon Highlanders South Africa 1899-1900
Travers, Major (late Gen.) J. Indian Army Indian Mutiny 1857
Traynor, Seregeant W.B*. West Yorkshire Reg. South Africa 1901
Trevor, Captain (Maj. Gen.) W.S.* Royal Engineers Bhotan 1865
Trewavas, Seaman J. Royal Navy Crimea 1855
Turner, Lieut. (Col.) R.E.W.* 60th Reg. South Africa 1900
Turner, Private S. 60th Reg. Indian Mutiny 1857
Tytler, Lieut. (late Lt. Col.) J.A. Indian Army Indian Mutiny 1858
Vickery, Private (Corp.) S.* Dorsetshire Reg. Dargai 1897
Vousden, Captain (late Col.) W.J. Indian Army Afghanistan 1879
Wadeson, Ensign (late Col.) R. 75th Highlanders Indian Mutiny 1857
Walker, Lieut. (late Gen. Sir) M. 30th Reg. Crimea 1854
Walker, Captain (Lt. Col.) W.G.* Indian Army Somaliland 1903
Waller, Lieut. (late Lt. Col.) W.F.F. Indian Army Indian Mutiny 1858
Waller, Col.-Sergt. G. 60th Reg. Indian Mutiny 1858
Walters, Sergeant G. 49th Reg. Crimea 1854
Wantage, Lord. See Lindsay    
Ward, Private C.* Yorkshire Lt. Inf. South Africa 1900
Ward, Private H. 78th Highlanders Indian Mutiny 1857
Ward, Sergeant J. 8th Hussars Indian Mutiny 1858
Wassall, Private S.* 80th Reg. Zululand 1879
Watson, Lieut. (Gen. Sir) J.* Indian Army Indian Mutiny 1857
Watson, Lieut. (Capt.) T.C.* Royal Engineers Mamund 1897
Wheatley, Private F. Rifle Brigade Crimea 1854
Whirlpool, Private F. 109th Reg. Indian Mutiny 1858
Whitchurch, Surg.-Capt. (Major) H.F.* Indian Medical Service chitral 1895
White, Major (Field Marshal Sir) G.S.* 92nd Highlanders Afghanistan 1879
Wilkinson, Bombadier T. Royal Marine Artillery Crimea 1855
Williams, Private J.* 24th Reg. Zululand 1879
Wilmot, Captain (late Col. Sir) H. Rifle Brigade Indian Mutiny 1858
Wilson, Capt. (Admiral Sir) A.K.* Royal Navy Soudan 1884
Wood, Lieut. (Field Marshal Sir)* 17th Lancers Indian Mutiny 1858
Wood, Capt. (late Col.) J.A. Indian Army Persia 1856
Wooden, Sergt.-Major (late Qtr.-Mast.) C. 17th Lancers Crimea 1854
Wright, Private A. 77th Reg. Crimea 1856-56
Wright, Captain W.D.* Royal West Surrey Reg. Sokoto 1903
Wylly, Lieut G.G.E.* Tasmanian Imperial Bushmen South Africa 1900
Young, Sergt.-Major (Major) A.* Cape Police South Africa 1901
Young, Lieut. (late Commander) T.J. Royal Navy Indian Mutiny 1857
Younger, Capt. D.R. Gordon Highlanders South Africa 1900

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