Recipients of the Victoria Cross Prior to 1914, M-Q

The names show the recipient's rank when the award was granted and subsequent rank achieved up to 1906 in parenthesis ( ). Recipients alive in 1906 have an asterix * after their name. Regimental names are those in use when the V.C. was granted, and the date listed is when the act of bravery was performed. No Victoria Crosses were awarded from 1905 until the First World War in 1914.

Name Regiment Campaign Date
McBean, Lieut. (late Maj. Gen.) W. 93rd Highlanders Indian Mutiny 1858
McCorrie, Private C. 57th Reg. Crimea 1855
McCrea, Surgeon J.F. Cape Mounted Yoemanry Basutoland 1881
McDermond, Private J. 47th Reg. Crimea 1854
McDonell, W.F. Indian Civil Service Indian Mutiny 1857
McDougall, Private J. 44th Reg. China 1860
McGaw, Lance-Sergt. S. 42nd Highlanders Ashanti 1874
McGovern, Private J. 101stReg. Indian Mutiny 1857
Mcgregor, Private R. Rifle Brigade Crimea 1855
McGuire, Sergeant J. 101st Reg. Indian Mutiny 1857
McHale, Private P. 5th Reg. Indian Mutiny 1857
McInnes, Gunner H. Bengal Artillery Indian Mutiny 1857
McKechnie, Sergeant J. Scots Guards Crimea 1854
McKenna, Col.-Sergt. (Ensign) E.* 65th Reg. New Zealand 1863
McMaster, Asst.-Surg. V.M. 78th Highlanders Indian Mutiny 1857
McNeill, Lieut. Col. (late Maj. Gen. Sir) J.C. 107th Reg. New Zealand 1864
McPherson, Col.-Sergt. S. 78th Highlanders Indian Mutiny 1857
McQuirt, Private B. 95th Reg. Indian Mutiny 1858
McWheeney, Sergeant W, 44th Reg. Crimea 1854-5
MacDonald, Col.-Sergt. (Capt.) H. Royal Engineers Crimea 1855
MacIntyre, Major (late Maj. Gen.) D. Indian Army Looshai 1872
MacKay, Private D. 93rd Highlanders Indian Mutiny i857
MacKay, Corp. (Lieut.) J.F.* Gordon Highlanders South Africa 1900
MacKenzie, Sergeant (Capt.) J.* Seaforth Highlanders Ashanti 1900
MacLean, Lieut. H.L.S. Indian Army Upper Swat 1897
MacManus, Private P. 5th Reg. Indian Mutiny 1857
MacPhearson, Lieut. (late Maj. Gen. Sir) H.T. 78th Highlanders Indian Mutiny 1857
Madden, Sergt.-Major A. 41st Reg. Crimea 1854
Magner, Drummer M. 33rd Reg. Abyssinia 1868
Mahoney, Sergeant P. 102nd Reg. Indian Mutiny 1857
Maillard, Surgeon W.J. Royal Navy Crete 1898
Malcolmson, Lieut. J.G. Indian Army Persia 1857
Malone, Sergeant J. 13th Hussars Crimea 1854
Mangles, R.L. Indian Civil Service Indian Mutiny 1857
Maanley, Asst.-Surg. (late Surg.-Gen.) W. Royal Artillery New Zealand 1864
Mansel-Jones, Captain C*. West Yorkshire Reg. South Africa 1900
Marling, Lieut. (Col.) P.S.* King's Royal Rifle corps Soudan 1884
Marshall, Q.M.Sergt. (Major) W.T*. 19th Hussars Soudan 1884
Martin-Leake, Surg.-Capt. A.* South African Constabulary South Africa 1902
Martineau, Sergeant H.R.* Protectorate Reg. South Africa 1899
Masterson, Lieut. (Major) J.E.I.* Devonshire Reg. South Afria 1900
Maude, Captain (late Col.) F.C. Royal Artilery Indian Mutiny 1857
Maude, Major (late Sir) F.F. 3rd Reg. Crimea 1855
Maxwell, Lieut. (Lt. Col.) F.A.* Indian Army South Africa 1900
Maygar, Lieut. L.C.* Victorian Mtd. Rifles South Africa 1901
Mayo, Midshipman A.* Royan Indian Navy Indian Mutiny 1857
Meiklejohn, Captain M.F.M.* Gordon Highlanders South Africa 1899
Melliss, Capt. (Lt. Col.) C.J.* Indian Army Ashanti 1900
Melvill, Lieut. T. 24th Reg. Zululand 1879
Milbanke, Capt. (Major) Sir J.P.* 10th Hussars South Africa 1900
Millar, Private D. 42nd Highlanders Indian Mutiny 1859
Miller, Lt. Col. F. Royal Artillery Crimea 1854
Miller, Conductor (late Major) J. Bengal Ordinance Corps Indian Mutiny 1857
Mitchell, Capt. of the Foretop S. Royal Navy New Zealand 1864
Monaghan, Trumpter T. 2nd Dragoond Guards Indian Mutiny 1858
Monger, Private G. 23rd Reg. Indian Mutiny 1857
Moore, Lieut. (Maj. Gen.) A.T.* Indian Army Persia 1857
Moore, Colonel H.G. 88th Reg. South Africa 1877
Morley, Private S. Army Service Corps Indian Mutiny 1855
Mouat, Surgeon (late Surg.-Gen. Sir) J. 6th Dragoons Crimea 1854
Moynihan, Sergeant A. 90th Reg. Crimea 1855
Mullane, Sergt. (Sergt.-Major) P.* Royal Horse Artillery Afghanistan 1880
Mullins, Capt. (Major) C.H.* Imperial Light Horse South Africa 1899
Munro, Col.-Sergt. J. 93rd Highlanders Indian Mutiny 1857
Murphy, Private M. Army Service Corps Indian Mutiny 1858
Murphy, Private T.* 24th Reg. Andaman Island 1867
Murray, Lance-Corp. (Corp.) J.* 94th Reg. South Africa 1881
Murray, Sergeant J.* 68th Reg. New Zealand 1857
Mylott, Private P. 84th Reg. Indian Mutiny 1857
Napier, Sergeant W.* 13th Reg. Indian Mutiny 1858
Nash, Corporal W. Rifle Brigade Indian Mutiny 1858
Nesbitt, Capt. R.C.* Mashonaland Mounted Police Rhodesia 1896
Newell, Private R. 9th Lancers Indian Mutiny 1858
Nickerson, Lieut. (Capt.) W.H.S.* Royal Army Medical Corps South Africa 1900
Norman, Private W. 7th Reg. Crimea 1854
Norwood, Sec. Lieut. (Capt.) J.* 5th Dragoon Guards South Africa 1899
Nurse, Corporal G.E.* Royal Field Artillery South Africa 1899
O'Connor, Sergt. (Maj. Gen.) L.* 23rd Reg. Crimea 1855
Odgers, Seaman W. Royal navy New Zealand 1860
O'Hea, Private T. Rifle Brigade Canada 1866
Olpherts, Capt. (late Gen. Sir) W. Bengal Artillery Indian Mutiny 1857
Osborne, Private J.* 58th Reg. South Africa 1881
O'Toole, Sergeant E. Frontier Light Horse Zululand 1879
Owens, Corp. (Sergt.) J. 49th Reg. Crimea 1854
Oxenham, Corp. W. 32nd Reg. Indian Mutiny 1857
Palmer, Private A. Grenadier Guards Crimea 1854
Park, Sergeant J. 77th Reg. Crimea 1854-5
Park, Gunner J. Bengal Artillery Indian Mutiny 1857
Parker, Sergeant C.* Royal Horse Artillery South Africa 1900
Parkes, Private S. 4th Hussars Crimea 1854
Parsons, Lieut. F.N. Essex Reg. South Africa 1900
Paton, Sergeant J.* 93rd Highlanders Indian Mutiny 1857
Pearson, Private J. 86th Reg. Indian Mutiny 1858
Pearson, Private J. 8th Hussars Indian Mutiny 1858
Peel, Captain (Sir) W. Royal Navy Crimea 1854-5
Pennell, Lieut. (Capt.) H.S.* Sherwood Foresters Dargai 1897
Percy, Lt. Col. Hon. H.H.M. (Lord Percy) Grenadier Guards Crimea 1854
Perie, Sapper J. Royal Engineers Crimea 1855
Phillips, Ensign E.A.L. Indian Army Indian Mutiny 1857
Phipps-Hornby Major (Col.) E.J.* Royal Horse Artillery South Africa 1900
Pickard, Lieut. A.F. Royal Artillery New Zealand 1863
Pitcher, Lieut. (late Capt.) H.W. Indian Army Umbeyla 1863
Pitts, Private J.* Manchester Reg. South Africa 1900
Prendergast, Lieut. (Gen.Sir) H.N.D.* Madras Engineers Indian Mutiny 1857
Pettyjohn, Colour-Sergt.J. Royal Marine Lt. Inf. Crimea 1854
Pride, Capt. of Afterguard T. Royal Navy Japan 1864
Probyn, Capt. (Gen. Sir) D.M.* Indian Army Indian Mutiny 1857
Prosser, Private J. 1st Reg. Crimea 1855
Purcell, Private J. 9th Lancers Indian Mutiny 1857
Pye, Sergt.-Major C. 53rd Reg. Indian Mutiny 1857

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