Recipients of the Victoria Cross Prior to 1914, H-L

The names show the recipient's rank when the award was granted and subsequent rank achieved up to 1906 in parenthesis ( ). Recipients alive in 1906 have an asterix * after their name. Regimental names are those in use when the V.C. was granted, and the date listed is when the act of bravery was performed. No Victoria Crosses were awarded from 1905 until the First World War in 1914.

Name Regiment Campaign Date
Hackett, Lieut. (late Lt. Col.) T.B. 23rd Reg. Indian Mutiny 1857
Hale, Asst.-Surgeon (Surg.-Major) T.E.* 7th REg. Crimea 1855
Hall, Seaman W.* Royal Navy Indian Mutiny 1857
Halliday, Capt. (Major) L.S.T.* Royal Marine Lt. Inf. China 1900
Hamilton, Capt. (Maj. Gen.) T. de C.* 68th Reg. Crimea 1855
Hamilton, Lieut. W.R.P. Indian Army Afghanistan 1879
Hampton, Sergeant H.* The King's Reg. South Africa 1900
Hancock, Private T. 9th Lancers Indian Mutiny 1857
Hardham, Far.-Major (Lieut.) W.J.* 4th New Zealand Contingent South Africa 1901
Harding, Gunner (Chief Gunner) I.* Royal Navy Egypt 1882
Harrington, Lieut. H.E. Bengal Artillery Indian Mutiny 1857
Harrison, Boatswains Mate J. Royal Navy Indian Mutiny 1857
Hart, Lieut. (Maj. Gen. Sir) R.C.* Royal Engineers Afghanistan 1879
Hartigan, Sergeant H. 9th Lancers Indian Mutiny 1857
Hartley, Surg.-Major (Lt. Col.) E.B.* Cape Mounted Rifles Basutoland 1879
Havelock, Lieut. (late Lt. Gen. Sir H.M. Havelock-Allan, Bart.) 10th Reg. Indian Mutiny 1857
Hawkes, Private D. Rifle Brigade Indian Mutiny 1858
Hawthorne, Bugler R. 52nd Reg. Indian Mutiny 1857
Heaphy, Major C. Auckland Militia New Zealand 1864
Heathcote, Lieut. A.S.* 60th Reg. Indian Mutiny 1857
Heaton, Private W.* The King's Reg. South Africa 1900
Henderson, Trooper H.S.* Bulawayo Field Force Rhodesia 1896
Heneage, Captain (late Maj.) C.W. 8th Hussars Indian Mutiny 1858
Henry, Sergt.-Major (late Capt.) Royal Artillery Crimea 1854
Hewett, Lieut. (late Vice Admiral Sir) W.N.W. Royal Navy Crimea 1854
Hill, Lieut. A.R. (Maj. A.R. Hill-Walker)* 58th Reg. South Africa 1881
Hill, Sergeant S. 90th Reg. Indian Mutiny 1857
Hills, Lieut. J. (Lt. Gen. Sir J. Hill-Johnes, G.C.B.)* Bengal Horse Artillery Indian Mutiny 1857
Hinckley, Seaman G. Royal Navy China 1862
Hitch, Private F.* 24th Reg. Zululand 1879
Hodge, Private S. 4th West India Reg. Gambia 1866
Holland, Sergeant E*. Royal Canadian Dragoons South Africa 1900
Hollis, Farier G. 8th Hussars Indian Mutiny 1858
Hollowell, Private J. 78th Highlanders Indian Mutiny 1857
Holmes, Private J. 84th Reg. Indian Mutiny 1857
Home, Surgeon (Sur.-Gen. Sir) A.D.* 90th Reg. Indian Mutiny 1857
Home, Lieut. D.C. Bengal Engineers Indian Mutiny 1857
Hook, Private H. 24th Reg. Zululand 1879
Hope, Lieut. (Lt. Col.) W.* 7th Reg. Crimea 1855
Hope-Ruthven, Capt. Hon. A.G.A.* Highland Light Infantry Soudan 1898
House, Private W.* Royal Berkshire Reg. South Africa 1900
Howse, Captain (Maj.) N.R.* N.S. Wales Med. Staff Corps South Africa 1900
Hughes, Private (Corp.) M. 7th Reg. Crimea 1855
Humpston, Private (Sergt.) R. Rifle Brigade Crimea 1855
Ind, Shoe-Smith A.E.* Royal Horse Artillery South Africa 1901
Ingouville, Capt. of Mast G. Royal Navy Baltic 1855
Inkson, Lieut. (Capt.) E.T.* Royal Army Med. Corps South Africa 1900
Innes, Lieut. (Lt. Gen.) J.J. McL.* Bengal Engineers Indian Mutiny 1858
Irwin, Private C. 53rd Reg. Indian Mutiny 1857
Jarrett, Lieut. (late Col.) H.C.T. Indian Army Indian Mutiny 1858
Jee, Surgeon (late Dep. Insp. Gen.) J. 78th Highlanders Indian Mutiny 1857
Jennings, Roughrider E. Bengal Artillery Indian Mutiny 1857
Jerome, Lieut. (late Maj. Gen.) H.E. 86th Reg. Indian Mutiny 1858
Johnstone, Captain R.* Imperial Light Horse South Africa 1899
Johnstone, Stoker W. Royal Navy Baltic 1854
Jones, Lieut. (Lt. Col.) A.S.* 9th Lancers Indian Mutiny 1857
Jones, Captain H.M.* 7th Reg. Crimea 1855
Jones, Private R. 24th Reg. Zululand 1879
Jones, private W.* 24th Reg. Zululand 1879
Kavanagh, Ast. Commiss. T.H. Indian Civil Service Indian Mutiny 1857
Keatinge, Capt. (late Gen.) R.H. Bombay Artillery Indian Mutiny 1858
Kellaway, Boatswain J. Royal Navy Crimea 1855
Kells, Lance-Corp. (late Trump.-Major) R. 9th Lancers Indian Mutiny 1857
Kenna, Capt. (Lt. Col.) P.A.* 21st Lancers Khartoum 1898
Kennedy, Private C.* Highland Light Infantry South Africa 1900
Kenny, Private J. 53rd Reg. Indian Mutiny 1857
Kerr, Lieut. W.A.* Indian Army Indian Mutiny 1857
Kirby, Corp. (Sergt.) F.* Royal Engineers South Africa 1900
Kirk, Private J. 10th Reg. Indian Mutiny 1857
Knight, Corp. H.J.* The King's Reg. South Africa 1900
Knox, Sergt. (late Major) J.S. Scots Guards Crimea 1854
Lambert, Sergt.-Major G. 84th Reg. Indian Mutiny 1857
Lane, Private T. 67th Reg. China 1860
Laughnan, Gunner T. Bengal Artillery Indian Mutiny 1857
Lawrence, Lieut. S.H. 32nd Reg. Indian Mutiny 1857
Lawrence, Sergt. (Lieut.) T. 17th Lancers South Africa 1900
Lawson, Private E.* Gordaon Highlanders Dargai 1897
Le Quesne, Surg.-Capt. (Major) F.S.* Royal Army Med. Corps Burma 1889
Leach, Capt. (Lt. Gen.) E.P.* Royal Engineers Afghanistan 1879
Leet, Major (late Maj. Gen.) W.K. 13th Reg. Zululand 1879
Leitch, Col.-Sergt. P. Royal Engineers Crimea 1855
Leith, Lieut. (late Major) J. 14th Hussars Indian Mutiny 1858
Lendrim (or Lindrim), Corp. (Q.-M. Sergt.) W.J. Royal Engineers Crimea 1855
Lennox, Lieut. (late Gen. Sir) W.O. Royal Engineers Crimea 1854
Lenon, Lieut. (late Major) E.H. 67th Reg. China 1860
Lindsay, Lieut. R.J. (late Lord Wantage) Scots Guards Crimea 1854
Lloyd, Surg.-Major (Col.) O.E.P.* Royal Army Med. corps Burma 1893
Lodge, Gunner I.* Royal Horse Artillery South Adrica 1900
Lucas, Lieut. (Rear Admiral) C.D.* Royal Navy 1854
Lucas, Col.-Sergt. J. 40th Reg. New Zealand 1861
Lumley, Major C.H. 97th Reg. Crimea 1855
Lyons, Private J. 19th REg. Crimea 1855
Lysons, Lieut. (Col.) H.* 90th Reg. Zululand 1879
Lyster, Lieut. (Lt. Gen.) H.H.* Indian Army Indian Mutiny 1858

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