Recipients of the Victoria Cross Prior to 1914, D-G

The names show the recipient's rank when the award was granted and subsequent rank achieved up to 1906 in parenthesis ( ). Recipients alive in 1906 have an asterix * after their name. Regimental names are those in use when the V.C. was granted, and the date listed is when the act of bravery was performed. No Victoria Crosses were awarded from 1905 until the First World War in 1914.

Name Regiment Campaign Date
Dalton, Asst. Commissary J.L Army Service Corps. Zululand 1879
Danaher, Trooper (Sergt.) J.* Nourse's Horse South Africa 1881
Daniels, Midshipman E. St. J. Royal Navy Crimea 1854-55
D'Arcy, Captain C. Frontier Light Horse Zululand 1879
Daunt, Lieut. (late Col.) J.C.C. Indian Army Indian Mutiny 1857
Davies, Lieut. (Capt.) L.A.E.P.* King's Royal Rifle Corps South Africa 1901
Davis, Captain (late Maj. Gen.) G. Royal Artillery Crimea 1855
Davis, Private J. 42nd Highlanders Indian Mutiny 1858
Day, Lieut. (late Capt.) G.F. Royal Navy Crimea 1855
DeMonmorency, Lieut. Hon. R.H.L.J. 21st Lancers Khartoum 1898
Dempsey, Private D. 10th Reg. Indian Mutiny 1857-8
Diamond, Sergeant B. Bengal Horse Artillery Indian Mutiny 1857
Dick-Cunyngham, Lieut. (late Lt. Col.) W.H. 92nd Highlanders Afghanistan 1879
Dickson, Lieut. (late Gen. Sir) C. Royal Artillery Crimea 1854
Digby-Jones, Lieut. R.J.T. Royal Engineers South Africa 1900
Divane, Private J. 60th Reg. Indian Mutiny 1857
Dixon, Captain (late Maj. Gen.) M.C. Royal Artillery Crimea 1855
Donohoe, Private P. 9th lancers Indian Mutiny 1857
Doogan, Private J.* 1st Dragoon Guards South Africa 1881
Douglas, Asst.-Surg. (Lt. Col.) C.M.* 24th Reg. Andaman Island 1867
Douglas, Lieut. (Capt.) H.E.M. Royal Army Medical Corps South Africa 1900
Dowell, Lieut. (Lt. Col.) G.D.* Royal Marine Artillery Baltic 1855
Dowling, Private W. 32nd Reg. Indian Mutiny 1857
Down, Ensign J.T. 57th Reg. New Zealand 1863
Doxat, Lieut. A.C.* Imperial Yoemanry South Africa 1900
Duffy, Private T. 102nd Reg. Indian Mutiny 1857
Dugdale, Lieut. F.B. 5th Lancers South Africa 1901
Dundas, Lieut. J. Royal Engineers Bhotan 1865
Dunley, L.-Corp. J. 93rd Highlanders Indian Mutiny 1857
Dunn, Lieut. (Lt. Col.) A.R. 11th hussars Crimea 1854
Durrant, Private E.* Rifle Brigade South Africa 1900
Dynon, Sergeant D. 53rd Reg. Indian Mutiny 1857
Edwards, Private T.* 42nd Highlanders Soudan 1884
Edwards, Lieut. (Maj.) W.M.M.* Highland Light Infantry Egypt 1882
Elphinstone, Lieut. (late Maj. Gen. Sir) H.C. Royal Engineers Crimea 1855
Elton, Capt. (late Lt. Col.) F.C. 55th Reg. Crimea 1855
Engleheart, Sergt. H.* 10th Hussars South Africa 1900
English, Lieut. (Sec. Lieut. A.S.C.) W.J.* 2nd Scottish Horse South Africa 1900
Esmonde, capt. (late Lt. Col.) T. 18th Reg. Crimea 1855
Evans, Private S. 19th Reg. Crimea 1855
Farmer, Sergeant D.* Cameron Highlanders South Africa 1900
Farmer, Lance-Corp. (Corp.) J.J.* Army Hospital Corps South Africa 1881
Farquharson, Lieut. F.E.H. 42nd Highlanders Indian Mutiny 1858
Farrell, Qtr.-Mast. J. 17th Lancers Crimea 1854
Ffrench, Lieut. A.K. 53rd Reg. Indian Mutiny 1857
Fincastle, Lieut. (Maj.) Viscount* 16th Lancers Upper Swat 1897
Findlater, Piper G.* Gordon Highlanders Dargai 1897
Firth, Sergeant W.* West Riding Reg. South Africa 1900
Fitz-Clarence, Capt. (Maj.) C.* Royal Fusiliers South Africa 1899
Fitzgerald, Gunner R. Bengal Horse Artillery Indian Mutiny 1857
Fitzgibbon, Hospital Apprentice A.F. Indian Medical Service China 1860
Fitzpatrick, Private F.* 94th Reg. Basutoland 1879
Flawn, Private T.* 94th Reg. Basutoland 1879
Flinn, Drummer T. 64th Reg. Indian Mutiny 1857
Forrest, Captain G. Indian Army Indian Mutiny 1857
Fosberry, Lieut. (Lt. Col.) G.V.* Indian Army Umbeyla 1863
Fowler, Private (Sergt.) E.* 90th Reg. Zululand 1879
Fraser, Major (late Gen. Sir) C.C. 7th Hussars Indian Mutiny 1858
Freeman, Private J. 9th Lancers Indian Mutiny 1857
Gardiner, Color-Sergt. G. 57th Reg. Crimea 1855
Gardiner, Qtr.-Master Sergt. W. 42nd Highlanders Indian Mutiny 1858
Garvin, Color-Sergt. S. 60th Reg. Indian Mutiny 1857
Gifford, Lieut. (Major Lord) E.F. 24th Reg. Ashanti 1873-4
Gill, Sergt.-Major P. Indian Army Indian Mutiny 1857
Glasock, Driver H.H.* Royal Horse Artillery South Africa 1900
Goate, Lance-Corp. (late Corp.) W. 9th Lancers Indian Mutiny 1858
Goodfellow, Lieut. (Lieut. Gen.) C.A.* Royal Engineers Indian Mutiny 1859
Goodlake, Capt. (late Lt. Gen.) G.L. Coldstream Guards Crimea 1854
Gordon, Capt. W.E.* Gordon Highlanders South Africa 1900
Gordon, Lance-Corp. (Sergt.) W.J.* West India Reg. Gambia 1892
Gorman, Seaman J.H. Royal Navy Crimea 1854
Gough, Capt. (Gen. Sir)* Indian Army Indian Mutiny 1857-8
Gough, Lieut. (Gen. Sir) H.H.* Indian Army Indian Mutiny 1857-8
Gough, Major (Lt. Col.) J.E.* Rifle Brigade Somaliland 1903
Grady, Private (late Sergt.) T. 4th Reg. Crimea 1854
Graham, Lieut. (late Lt. Gen. Sir) G. Royal Engineers Crimea 1855
Graham, Private P. 90th Reg. Indian Mutiny 1857
Grant, Lieut. (Major) C.J.W.* Indian Army Manipur 1891
Grant, Lieut. J.D*. Indian Army Tibet 1904
Grant, Private P. 93rd Highlanders Indian Mutiny 1857
Grant, Sergeant R. (orig. as, R. Ewart) 5th Reg. Indian Mutiny 1857
Green, Private (late Col.-Sergt.) P. 75th Highlanders Indian Mutiny 1857
Grieve, Sergt.-Major J. 2nd Dragoons Crimea 1854
Griffiths, Private W. 24th Reg. Andaman Island 1867
Guise, Major (Lt. Gen.) J.C. 90th reg. Indian Mutinyv1857
Guy, Midshipman (Lieut.) R.J.D.* Royal Navy China 1900

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