Recipients of the Victoria Cross Prior to 1914, A-C

The names show the recipient's rank when the award was granted and subsequent rank achieved up to 1906 in parenthesis ( ). Recipients alive in 1906 have an asterix * after their name. Regimental names are those in use when the V.C. was granted, and the date listed is when the act of bravery was performed. No Victoria Crosses were awarded from 1905 until the First World War in 1914.

Name Regiment Campaign Date
Ablett, Private A. Grenadier Guards Crimea 1855
Adams, Rev. J.W. Bengal Ecclesiastical Afghanistan 1879
Adams, Lt. Col (Col.) R.B.* Indian Army Upper Swat 1897
Addison, Private H. 43rd Reg. Indian Mutiny 1859
Aikman, Lieut. (Col.) F.R. Indian Army Indian Mutiny 1858
Aitkin, Lieut. (Col.) R.H.M. Indian Army Indian Mutiny 1857
Albrecht, Trooper H. Imperial Light Horse South Africa 1900
Alexander, Private J. 90th Reg. Crimea 1855
Allen, Corporal W. 24th Reg. Zululand 1879
Anderson, Private C. 2nd Drag. Guards Indian Mutiny 1858
Anson, Capt. (Lt. Col.) the Hon. A.H.A. 84th Reg. Indian Mutiny 1857
Arthur, Gunner T. Royal Artillery Crimea 1855
Ashford, Private T.* 7th Reg. Afghanistan 1880
Atkinson, Sergeant A. Yorkshire Reg. South Africa 1900
Aylmer, Capt. (Col.) F.J. Royal Engineers Nilt (Hunza) 1891
Babtie, Major (Lt. Col.) W.* Royal Army Med. Corps South Africa 1899
Baker, Lieut. C.G. Indian Police Indian Mutiny 1858
Bambrick, Private V. 60th Rifles Indian Mutiny 1858
Bankes, Cornet W.G.H. 7th Hussars Indian Mutiny 1858
Barry, Private J. Royal Irish Reg. South Africa 1901
Baxter, Trooper F.W. Bulawayo Field Force Rhodesia 1897
Beach, Private T. 55th Reg. Crimea 1854
Bees, Private W.* Sherwood Foresters South Africa 1901
Beet, Corporal H.C.* Sherwood Foresters South africa 1900
Bell, Private D.* 24th Reg. Andaman Island 1867
Bell, Captain (late Maj. Gen.) E.W.D. 23 Reg. Crimea 1854
Bell, Lieut. F.W.* W. Australian Mtd. Inf. South Africa 1901
Bell, Lieut. (Late Col.) M.S. Royal Engineers Ashanti 1874
Beresford, Captain (Late Col.) Lord W. L. De la Poer 9th Lancers Zululand 1879
Bergin, Private J. 33rd Reg. Abyssinia 1868
Berryman, Troop Sergt.-Major (late Major) J. 17th Lancers Crimea 1854
Bisdee, Private (Lieut.) J.H.* Tasmanian Imperial Bushmen South Africa 1900
Blair, Captain (late Gen.) J. Indian Army Indian Mutiny 1857
Blair, Lieut. (late Gen.) R. 2nd Dragoon Guards Indian Mutiny 1857
Bogle, Lieut. (late Major) A.C. 78th Highlanders Indian Mutiny 1857
Boisragon, Lieut. (Major) G.H.* Indian Army Hunza-Nagar 1891
Booth, Col.-Sergt. A. 80th reg. Zululand 1879
Boulger, Lance-Corpl. (late Lt.-Col.) A. 84th Reg. Indian Mutiny 1857
Bourchier, Lieut. (late Col.) C.T. Rifle brigade Crimea 1854
Boyes, Midshipman D. Royal navy japan 1864
Bradley, Driver F.G.* Royal Field Artillery South Africa 1901
Bradshaw, Private J. Rifle Brigade Crimea 1855
Bradshaw, Asst. Surgeon W. 90th Reg. Indian Mutiny 1857
Brennan, Bombadier J. Royal Artillery Indian Mutiny 1858
Bromhead, Lieut. (late Major) G.S. 24th Reg. Zululand 1879
Brown, Lieut. (late Col.) F.D.M. 101st Reg. Indian Mutiny 1857
Brown, Trooper P. Cape Mounted Rifles Basutoland 1879
Brown-Synge-Hutchinson, Major E.D.* 14th Hussars South Africa 1900
Browne, Lieut. (Brig. Gen,) E.S. 24th Reg. Zululand 1879
Browne, Captain (Col.) H.G.* 32nd Reg. Indian Mutiny 1857
Browne, Brevet Major (late Gen.) Sir S.J. Indian Army Indian Mutiny 1858
Buckley, J., Dept. Asst. Comm. of Ordinance, Bengal Indian Army Indian Mutiny 1857
Buckley, Capt. C.W. Royal Navy Crimea 1855
Buller, Captain (Gen. Sir) R.H.* 60th Reg. Zululand 1879
Burgoyne, Captain H.T. Royal Navy Crimea 1855
Burslem, Lieut. (late Capt.) N. 67th Reg. China 1860
Butler, Lieut. (late Major) T.A. 101st Reg. Indian Mutiny 1858
Bryne, Private J. 86th Reg. Indian Mutiny 1858
Bryne, Private J. 68th Reg. Crimea 1854
Bryne, Private T.* 21st Lancers Khartoum 1898
Bythesea, Lieut. (late Rear Admiral) J. Royal Navy Baltic 1854
Cadell, Lieut. (Col.) T. 104th Reg. Indian Mutiny 1857
Cape, Lieut. (Gen.) W.M. Indian Army 1858
Cambridge, Sergt. D. Royal Artillery Crimea 1855
Cameron, Lieut. (Col.) A.S.* 72nd Highlanders Indian Mutiny 1858
Carlin, Private P. 13th Reg. Indian Mutiny 1858
Carter, Lieut. H.A.* Indian Army Somaliland 1903
Champion, Sergeant Major J.* 8th Hussars Indian Mutiny 1858
Channer, Col. (late Gen.) G.N. Indian Army Perak 1875
Chaplin, Ensign (Col.) J.W.* 67th Reg. China 1860
Chard, Lieut. (late Col.) J.R.M. Royal Engineers Zululand 1879
Chase, Captain (Col.) W. St. L.* Indian Army Afghanistan 1880
Chicken, G.B. Royal Indian Navy Indian Mutiny 1858
Clements, Corp. J.J.* Rimington's Guides South Africa 1900
Clifford, Lieut. (late Major Gen. Hon. Sir) H.H. Rifle Brigade Crimea 1854
Clogstoun, Capt. H.M. Indian Army Indian Mutiny 1859
Cobbe, Capt. (Lt. Col.) A.S.* Indian Army Somaliland 1902
Cochrane, Lieut. (late Col.) H.S. 86th Reg. Indian Mutiny 1858
Cockburn, Lieut. H.Z.C.* Royal Canadian Dragoons South Africa 1900
Coffey, Private W. 24th Reg. Crimea 1855
Coghill, Lieut. N.J.A. 24th Reg. Zululand 1879
Coghlan, Col. Sergt. (Sergt. Major) C.* 75th Highlanders Indian Mutiny 1857
Coleman, Sergeant J. 97th Reg. Crimea 1855
Collis, Gunner J. Royal Horse Artillery Afghanistan 1880
Colvin, Lieut. (Major) J.M.C.* Royal Indian Engineers Mamund 1897
Commerell, Lieut. (late Admiral Sir) J.E. Royal Navy Crimea 1855
Congreve, Capt. (Col.) W.N.* Rifle Brigade South Africa 1899
Connolly, Gunner W. Bengal Horse Artillery Indian Mutiny 1857
Connors, Private J. 3rd Reg. Crimea 1855
Conolly, Lieut. (late Lt. Col.) J.A. 49th Reg. Crimea 1854
Cook, Captain J. Indian Army Afghanistan 1878
Cook, Private W. 42nd Highlanders Indian Mutiny 1859
Cooper, Boatswain H. Royal Navy Crimea 1855
Cooper, Private J. 24th Reg. Andaman Island 1867
Corbett, Private F. 60th Reg. Egypt 1882
Costeello, Lieut. (Capt.) E.W.* Indian Army Malakand 1897
Coulson, Lieut. G.H.B. King's Own Scottish Borderers South Africa 1901
Craig, Sergeant J. Scots Fusilier Guards Crimea 1855
Crandon, Private H.D.* 18th Hussars South Africa 1901
Creagh, Capt. (Major Gen. Sir) ) O'M.* Indian Army Afghanistan 1879
Crean, Surg-Capt. T.J.* Imperial Light Horse South Africa 1901
Crimmin, Surg. (Lt. Col.) J.* Indian Medical Service Burma 1889
Crowe, Lieut. J.P.H. 78th Highlanders Indian Mutiny 1857
Cubitt, Lieut. (late Col.) W.G. Indian Army Indian Mutiny 1857
Cuninghame, Lieut. (late Col. Sir) W.J.M. Rifle Brigade Crimea 1854
Curtis, Private (Corp.) A.E.* East Surrey Reg. South Africa 1900
Curtis, Boatswain's Mate H. Royal Navy Crimea 1855

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