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Watches, fobs, rings, medals and other fine objects from the last few centuries. We specialize in seals and named objects.

 1. An English watch fob-sports award, probably soccer, awarded to J.W. Weatherley for Division I participation in the R.St..J.F.C. in 1905-5. Fob also engraved in wreath with "R.&D. F.L.". Sterling hallmarks for London, 1905. Sterling silver with gilt front shield. $75.00.

 3. An English watch fob to the Sussex division of the Royal Navy volunteers. Awarded to F. White, A.B. for the Farquhar Bowl Field Gun events of 1923-4-5. Sterling medal hallmarked for Birmingham 1925 with makers mark. $75.00.

 4. A 1910 Scottish shooting medal in 9 kt gold. The reverse is inscribed “L.M.R.A./ 1910/ II. Division/ Championship/ Second/ Won by/ White Star M.R.C./ G.W. Hubbard”. Below the inscription it is hallmarked for 9 kt from Birmingham in 1906. A lovely medal or watch fob that exemplifies the support system for colonial wars and the alliance system that led to WW I. Obverse shows shooters competing. The medal is 7/8" in diameter. $125.00.

5. An English ivory colonial seal from c. 1820-1860 shaped like a Buddhist stupa with a silver cap. There were hardly any Buddhists left in India then, but Ceylon was Buddhist and famous for its ivory carving, so the seal probably came fromCeylon. It shows the initials "IL" and floral wreaths. There are spots of red sealing ink left over from its use. These seals were used to close letters as there were no envelopes then. Probably a watch fob seal that hung from a gentleman's watch chain. $75.00


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