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Egyptian Prints & Manuscripts

Egyptian Antiquities from Napoleon’s Description d’ la Egypt

From the second printing of 1820-28. The public demand for the first printing, started in 1807 and still unfinished in 1820, led to a second round of prints that only differ in having a blind printer’s stamp in the upper right margin. From the work of the scholars of napoleon’s expedition and this publication of their work we havethe start of Egyptology and modern archaeology.


Antiquities Volume II, Plate 31, the Egyptians storm a Caanite fortified city; the Pharaoh accepts submission from defeated Caanites and a Hittite three-man battle chariot. From the Thebian tomb of Ramses II. $250.


Antiquities Volume I, Plate 70, bas reliefs in various tombs at El Kab showing daily Egyptian activities. $200.


Antiquities Volume I, Plate 19, bas reliefs in the Western Temple at Philae. $250.


Antiquities Volume I, PLate 10, sculptures from the porch of the Great Temple of Philae. Besides shoiwing architectural details and religious activites it shows the great and ancient Goddess of the Sky creating the heavens and stars with her body. $250.


Antiquities Volume III, Plate 40, the wars of Ramses with the Libyians and Sea Peoples. It is one of the earliest depictions of a cavalry rider on horseback instead of a chariot warrior. $250.

Antiquities Volume II, Plate 8 showing Egyptian, Shardana and Sea Peoples warriors; Horus and the famous Pharoah with erection figure of fertility and life that is found on so much ancient Egyptian art and almost never shown in books. There are even depictions of embalmed mummys of Pharaohs with embalmed erections. $225.


Antiquities Volume I, Plate 79, the Egyptian Zodiac. (Full plate and detail) This is a double-width plate showing the complete circle of the ancient Egyptian Zodiac. Six was a magical and essential number to the Egyptians and from that we have all our units of six — a dozen, 12 months to the year, 12 apostles and more. $300.

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