La Insigne Orden del Toisón de Oro

A few years ago a group of Spanish friends of the Order of the Golden Fleece decided to create the most magnificent and complete reference book possible on the Golden Fleece, and especially its Spanish version. Even with the support and assistance of His majesty King Juan Carlos and the Chancery of the Order it took years to produce, and its gilded red leather binding slowed the delivery even more.

The book is apx. 12" x 19" and over 600 pages. It is written in Spanish, but is fairly clear and easy to read with even a minimal knowledge of the language.

Works this special are rarely produced, and once sold out the book will seldom be available again.

This deluxe edition is now sold out, There is a much less expensive paperback edition that can often be found from Spanish booksellers, but it lacks most of the illustrations and is far smaller.

The book covers everything from the origins of the Burgundian Order, the history of the order, a complete list of Burgundian and Spanish recipients with, where possible, portraits, short biographies and coats of arms. To the left are the robes for official gatherings, and on the right a sample page of biographies.

The printing is some of the finest we have seen and is in full color throughout. In appearance it is more like a late Medieval or Renaissance illuminated manuscript. A number of special color illustrations were done just for this book. To the left, and just below it, are pages on the early history of the Order, and below these a double page illustration of a painting of a gathering of the Order in Spain in the 17th century.

The book also depicts historical photos and insignia of the order. To the left is a photo of King Alfonso XIII and his son, both wearing the Golden Fleece. Below is the insignia set of the Duke of Wellington (now at Apsley House, London).

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