Chinese Antique Furniture

Ichiban Japanese and Oriental Antiques

Jacques Barrere — Asian Art
"The gallery is specialized mainly in Chinese objects (sculpture, archaeology, ceramics and decorative art), and Japan (sculpture, porcelains). Examples of statuary from Gandhara, India or South East Asia are also exhibited on a regular basis."

Japanese Calligraphy
"Bringing the beauty and fascination of Japanese Calligraphy to the world-wide audience of the World Wide Web."

Yasumi's Art Restoration Inc.
"Yasumi's Art Restoration Inc. is a family owned and operated business that focuses on museum quality restoration of paper/silk screens and scrolls. We have dedicated over 35 years in providing the finest conservation work to numerous museums, galleries and individual collectors.  Our philosophy is to preserve as much of the original finish whenever possible.  We recommend restoring only those areas that have been lost or damaged while maintaining visual consistency through the use of traditional methods and materials."

Yoshino Japanese Antiques