Order of the Noble Bukhara (nishoni bukhoroi sharif). Established by Muzzaffar-ad-din in 1881 in honour of the Emperor Alexander II of Russia. Initailly its insignia was only a star, but in 1893 it was supplemented with badge and sash after Abdalakhada's visit to Russia. 7 classes (three - gold, three - silver, one with diamonds).

Order of the Crown of the Emirate of Bukhara (nishoni todzhi bukhoroi dor-us- saltanat). Established between 1894 and 1897. Displayed on a red ribbon.

Order of the Sun of Alexander (Iskander salis). Established in 1898 in memory of the Emperor Alexander III of Russia. Displayed on a blue ribbon.

All insignia of the orders of Bukhara are unifaced and distinguished for their dimensions and weight. For a long time they were only bestowed on representatives of the Russian government. Later they were awarded to the courtiers of the emir and officers of his troops.