Voskrinitza -- 6 October 1812

The 7th Corps of Reynier and a portion of the Austrian Corps appeared from the direction of Biala. An advance guard of cossacks retired before them to Zalesie, and the Schluesselburgski Infantry, who had been in the same locality, retired to Tiraspol. Admiral Tchitchagov dispatched the Corps of Lieutenant General Essen (13 battalions of infantry, 10 squadrons of cavalry, 2 regiments of cossacks, 20 guns) to Biala, and the Corps of Major General Boulatov (12 battalions of infantry, 2 regiments of dragoons, 1 regiment of lancers, 2 regiments of cossacks, 3 companies of artillery) to Pechatz. At the head of Essen's troops there marched the 1st Battalion of Combined Grenadiers and a squadron of Smolenski Dragoons who, after crossing the river Tzna proceeded to Voskrinitza and pushed back the two squadrtons of Saxon hussars and lancers they found there.

From Voskrinitza to Biala the road passes through a forest which was occupied by two other squadrons of Saxon hussars who retired to the other side of the river from the pressure of the Russian grenadiers and dragoons. On discovering the 2nd Division of Saxons with 18 guns on the right bank of the river and the 1st Division placed in a wood near the vilage of Kozouli, Essen sent the 37 Rifles and the 1st Combined Battalion of Grenadiers against the right wing of the Saxons. The 2nd Combined battalion of Grenadiers with 6 guns and the Jitomirski Dragoons were sent to Seletz against the left wing of the Saxons at Kozouli. Noticing that these forces were weak Reynier's troops passed over to the offensive. The Saxon Jaegers attacked a battery and captured a gun after which three of the guns were recaptured by the Jitomirski Dragoons.

Seeing that the columns of the enemy were approaching Tzitzibor, Essen beat a retreat without waiting for the arrival of the Corps of Boulatov, occupying several successive defensive positions in the forest as he fell back. His last position was held by the Staroinguermanlandski Infantry. That evening Essen resumed retiring over the Tzna to Zalesie. Russian losses were 325 men.

From a Russian source.

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